Once you have decided which poker course is suitable for you, you can then go ahead and subscribe to the ideal package and receive exclusive access to the course forum area. This area contains the video coaching series, supplementary materials and ongoing discussion threads which play an active role in the learning process.

Key Features of the Forum and Courses

  • Detailed theory underpinning winning SNG strategy.
  • Expert practical examples with in-depth commentary explaining theory in practice.
  • Examination of psychology in poker e.g. Tilt Control, Variance, Bankroll Management
  • Strategy forums for progressive mastery in your game after you have learned the course content.
  • Critical analysis of my own hands.
  • Critical analysis of members’ hands.
  • Video Response! I make video responses and commentaries in response to members’ questions in the forum. This allows the learning experience to be organic and to progress months after the student starts. I aim to offer a value-added relationship which is much more than selling an ordinary video series, but rather a long-term commitment to vastly improve the poker game of the students part of the Professional Poker Videos community.
  • Article Corner! I write professional articles covering a range of poker topics exclusively for members of the premium poker courses.