The entire preflop game for 100BB 6-Max PLO has been solved and is being offered publicly. The technology required to do this is cutting-edge, utilising countless supercomputer hours to derive a solution. The solution is NOT limited only to HU scenarios, but in fact covers the entire game tree which includes multiway scenarios.

What does it cover?

The complete optimal 100BB 6-Max PLO preflop strategy for all possible 1-1 and multiway situations:

– RFI (with SB having the option to openlimp)
– 3bet/4bet/5bet ranges
– Calling/coldcalling ranges vs all opens/raises/reraises
– Rake structure 4.5% with a $3 Cap, equivalent to $10-$20 PLO on PokerStars.

We have performed intelligent pruning in some near-irrelevant parts of the tree, such as 5- and 6-way single raised pots, to allow for a more accurate abstraction model with less memory usage. This has enabled us to increase the solution’s overall accuracy compared to the existing products on the market:

– Over twice the number of buckets
– Perfect/Medium/Small (compared to Perfect/Small/Small)
– Improved convergence

We have achieved this through intensive computation (30,000 hours of total CPU time), and a sophisticated construction of the game tree.

Why should I buy it?

Until MonkerSolver was released in February 2017, the great game of 6-max PLO was unsolved for as long as online poker existed. Studying PLO analytically was very hard due to the size of the game (there are 270725 PLO starting hands compared to 1326 in NLHE) and the lack of powerful software tools. Solving PLO preflop strategy was impossible. Attempting to solve for PLO postflop strategy meant trying to come up with rather crude strategy estimates for selected 1-1 situations, and at the end of the day it all came down to guesswork about the preflop ranges with which the two players arrived at the flop.

The 6-handed PLO preflop solution contains the full pre flop strategy for the game. PLO 6-handed preflop play is therefore effectively solved. Knowing the optimal preflop strategy also allows us to solve optimal postflop play accurately by using these preflop ranges as input in postflop simulations.
Important to know before buying

You will receive the 6-Max PLO solution file in MonkerSolver format, and will therefore need to purchase MonkerSolver. Finally, please be aware that the solution file is 17.5GB, and you will require a similar amount of available RAM in order to run the solution. In MonkerSolver, you only require to ‘load 1 street’ in order to view the preflop solution.

Released: 24th November 2017

Config: Perfect/Medium/Small, 45 Buckets, donk betting allowed

Convergence: 50 iterations/node

Requirements: 450GB RAM full sim, 1 street 20GB

How much does it cost?

One-Time Payment £499.99