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The Entire Preflop Game Tree Solution for 100BB 6-Max NLHE *NEW*

For the first time ever, the entire preflop game for 100BB 6-Max NLHE has been solved and offered publicly. The technology required to do this is cutting-edge, utilising countless supercomputer hours to derive a solution. The solution is NOT limited only to HU scenarios, but in fact covers the entire game tree which includes multiway scenarios.

What does it cover?

RFI/3bet/4bet/5bet, cold 4-bets, squeezes, and flat calling ranges for BTN and BB for 6-Max 100bb NL (5.0% $3 Cap rake structure, equivalent to Zoom $500 on PokerStars.) We have intelligently pruned near-irrelevant parts of the tree such as denying the SB the opportunity to flat call, as this is almost completely disincentivized in games with non-negligible rake. We also found that flat calling from MP-CO resulted in narrow ranges that didn’t add any significant EV to  these positions. 3B/Fold for MP/CO/SB therefore becomes an accurate simplification for modeling raked mid stakes games. The preflop bet sizing scheme was chosen after screening for the solver’s preferred sizes.

Why should I buy it?

Until now, the only preflop solutions available have been for BB vs IP, and SB vs IP (absent of card removal effects, and with purely guesstimated IP ranges). By comparison, this solution finds optimal opening ranges for all players, and adjusts for the card removal effects of the strategy acted by previous opponents in the hand. For example, if it is folded round to the SB, the fact that four players have already folded impacts on the strategy of the SB, compared to if this was an isolated HU dynamic with no prior action having taken place. Moreover, multi-way tree scenarios have never been solved before now, and in this solution you will find the solution for UTG/MP/CO vs BTN vs SB/BB (all combinations of these scenarios). This is unprecedented territory, opening up a pandoras box of optimal strategy in a key area of the games, and moving more intelligent ranges to the postflop study of these scenarios.

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Good to know before buying

You will receive a special link via email from which you will be able to access everything you need, including simple instructions for getting started. Go from purchase, to using the solution in minutes.

Released: 27th October 2017

Config: Perfect/Large/Large, 140 buckets, no donk bets

Convergence: 50 iterations/node

Requirements: Suitable for any computer.

Expert Reviews

Bigstealer: Former Multi-Time Supernova Elite and current Zoom $500 Reg

“These solutions are mind blowing. I’m stunned I’ve had success without them and now I’m excited to see what the future holds now that I’ve got them. The clarity and accuracy of this blueprint will make this a tool I use daily in the quest to improve my game.

Ivan has consistently pushed boundaries from both the theoretical and exploitative side of the game. He was one of the biggest winners in 6max hypers at the highest stakes which requires extremely solid theoretical knowledge and having lived with him I’ve seen first-hand his students destroy multi table tournaments where adaptability and exploitation prevails more. Ivan has always been at or near the top of any field he’s put his mind to. As a former chess player his desire to strategize and solve is unparalleled with anyone I know.”

Bigstealer has made in excess of $500,000 online pre-rakeback