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Crushing 6-Max Hyper SNGs: $7 Buy-Ins and Beyond by ILS007

The eagerly-awaited Crushing 6-Max Hyper SNGs poker series has just been released! This series is designed for anyone who currently plays the $7 6-max hyper SNGs, as well as players who are new to the 6-max hyper SNG format, but have an advanced theoretical understanding of tournament poker. It is designed to give you a winning edge in these games, and prepare you to move up buy-in levels.

The series comprises of four lessons between ILS007 and $7 student alocksw. The first two lessons examine Early and Middlegame strategy, and the second two lessons examine Bubble and Heads-Up Strategy.

The first half of the series discusses pre-flop theoretical concepts such as constructing balanced ranges and assigning exact hands to a range, as well as minimum defence frequencies. The second half of the series focuses on the strategic adjustments required for playing accurately on the bubble, and understanding different stack setups and dynamics with relation to future value expectation. The final lesson on heads-up play discusses theoretical underpinnings for constructing opening and defending ranges.

What does it cover?

Lesson #1 – Early and Middlegame Play (Part One) (58:26)
Lesson #2 – Early and Middlegame Play (Part Two) (54:48)
Lesson #3 – Bubble Play (1:38:13)
Lesson #4 – Heads-Up Play (1:01:56)

Total Running Time: 4 hours and 47 minutes.
Release Date: 10th May 2014

Why should I buy it?

ILS007 is one of the very best 6-max hyper SNG players in the world today, playing all stakes up to $500 level. In 2014 he became the sixth-fastest player in the world to reach Supernova Elite, playing almost exclusively 6-max hyper SNGs to achieve this. In under four months he earned almost $80,000 playing this format (whilst running $32,000 below EV).

ILS007 is also a world-leading coach in these games, having coached Kovalski1 throughout 2013 to over $175,000 profits in the game format that year, with Kovalski1 ranking  #3 in the world for $200-300 buy-ins, and  #4 in the world for $60-100 buy-ins that year.