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Crushing 6-Max Hyper SNGs: $3.50 Buy-Ins and Beyond by ILS007

The eagerly-awaited Crushing 6-Max Hyper SNGs poker series has just been released! This series is designed for anyone who currently plays the $3.50 6-max hyper SNGs, as well as players who are new to the 6-max hyper SNG format, but have a solid theoretical understanding of tournament poker. It is designed to give you a winning edge in these games, and prepare you to move up buy-in levels.

The series comprises of four lessons between ILS007 and $3.50 student MartyFish78. The first two lessons examine Early and Middlegame strategy, and the second two lessons examine Bubble and Heads-Up Strategy.

The first half of the series discusses pre-flop theoretical concepts such as balancing 3-betting and calling ranges, and post-flop concepts of bluff-catching and value-betting. The second half of the series focuses on the strategic adjustments required for playing accurately on the bubble and exploiting the player pool on low-stakes, and the theoretical underpinnings of profitable heads-up play, Nash Equilibrium, and common mistakes made by low stakes players at this stage of the tournament.

What does it cover?

Lesson #1 – Early and Middlegame Play (Part One) (1:06:23)
Lesson #2 – Early and Middlegame Play (Part Two) (54:48)
Lesson #3 – Bubble Play (1:22:29)
Lesson #4 – Heads-Up Play (53:01)

Total Running Time: 4 hours and 16 minutes
Release Date: 10th May 2014

Why should I buy it?

ILS007 is one of the very best 6-max hyper SNG players in the world today, playing all stakes up to $500 level. In 2014 he became the sixth-fastest player in the world to reach Supernova Elite, playing almost exclusively 6-max hyper SNGs to achieve this. In under four months he earned almost $80,000 playing this format (whilst running $32,000 below EV).

ILS007 is also a world-leading coach in these games, having coached Kovalski1 throughout 2013 to over $175,000 profits in the game format that year, with Kovalski1 ranking  #3 in the world for $200-300 buy-ins, and  #4 in the world for $60-100 buy-ins that year.