Bigstealer: Former Multi-Time Supernova Elite and current Zoom $500 Reg

“These solutions are mind blowing. I’m stunned I’ve had success without them and now I’m excited to see what the future holds now that I’ve got them. The clarity and accuracy of this blueprint will make this a tool I use daily in the quest to improve my game.

Ivan has consistently pushed boundaries from both the theoretical and exploitative side of the game. He was one of the biggest winners in 6max hypers at the highest stakes which requires extremely solid theoretical knowledge and having lived with him I’ve seen first-hand his students destroy multi table tournaments where adaptability and exploitation prevails more. Ivan has always been at or near the top of any field he’s put his mind to. As a former chess player his desire to strategize and solve is unparalleled with anyone I know.”

Bigstealer has made in excess of $500,000 online pre-rakeback

Both Ivan and I have dominated the high-stakes turbo/hyper turbo single-table SNGs.

Ivan started as a student of mine playing up to $500 sng on both stars and FTP, and then afterwards as a coaching partner. Given the results we had together and the strategy that was learned and taught, I can assure you what Ivan coaches is of the very highest quality around. Furthermore, Ivan has excellent tilt control, bankroll management and planning for grinding schedule, all of which are extremely important in maintaining a high hourly rate in poker.

Ivan is a personable and easy going guy who conducts his coaching in a professional manner. I can recommend this site and Ivan’s coaching packages as a great value opportunity not to be missed. He goes out of his way to give you every chance of succeeding.

-Leoc00, #1 hyper turbo single-table SNG player in the world 2010

best sng coaching

Data taken in March, 2012


Ivan is a great poker player and also a nice person to work with. His game is so good partly because he thinks a lot about the game, but also because he worked with lots of very good players. I bet he also learned a lot by studying the game and coaching other players. He has seen a ton of hands and that helped him to read hands very well. Experience is a must to be a great poker player.

I would recommend him to help you with your game because he knows how to play the different blind levels at all the sit en go’s. A lot of 6 and 9 max regs don’t feel comfortable to play HU and they make lots of mistakes.The gap between 1st and 2nd place is a lot of money so it is important to work on your HU game as well. Not only does he know a lot about strategy but he can explain it too you in good way so that you understand everything.

His results and the results and comments of the players he worked with says 2 very important things. He is a nice guy and he helps other players to win a lot of money! That are exactly the 2 main skills that I am looking for when i need a poker coach!

-Bernard Cappel aka bernardc, World-Class SNG Poker Player

Data taken on April 11th, 2012

I worked with Ivan for the last 2 ½ years and he turned me from a 6$ sng recreational player to Supernova Elite status playing up to 500$ SNGs.

What can be said about his coaching skills other than they are absolutely amazing, he touches every aspect of the game (technical, mental, BR management, game selecting) and actually cares about your poker success.

As long as you are willing to apply his insight to your game, you will see really fast improvements and your winrate will be higher than you ever imagined.

I just cant recommend Ivan highly enough to be honest, for me he’s #1 coach in the world!

-jtdstreet, Supernova Elite 2011

Data taken on March 20th, 2012


When I started with Ivan I was a breakeven player who wasn’t far from being profitable.

While his help with direct coaching helped me to become a profitable 180 man player I actually gained far more from his coaching than that. I went from playing 4 – 6 tables tables comfortably to being able to play up to 30 at once with hardly breaking a sweat, and the biggest help I received though was more to do with modifying my thought processes and how to analyse my games properly myself to ensure that once one leak was plugged another didn’t pop up and go unnoticed for long.

The great thing about the way Ivan does things is that he makes it easy for you to apply the same knowledge in other areas of poker so you are growing overall as a player and not necessarily just in the niche of SnGo…

-PizzicatoXev, Sunday Warm-Up Winner

world class poker player
Sit n Go grinding

Data taken on March 19th 2012


Ivan has always been a great friend – we met in the World Chess Championship, back in 2004 and stayed in touch since then. It’s funny, because I used to give him chess lessons on 2005-06, and when I was having trouble with my SnG game in the end of 2009, I knew I needed to look for help. I knew how dedicated and serious he was about the game, so I thought it could be nice to get some coaching sessions with him. And the result couldn’t have been better, I continued on to have great results in Dec/2009 and Jan/2010 (something like $2 per game on a 3,6k game sample) , but eventually I had to put some efforts on my professional chess career and ended up grinding a little less on the following months.

His help was decisive on getting my confidence back on track, as well as noticing some considerable mistakes I was showing during my sessions. I was able to understand the game better and also adjust my mindset properly for the game.

Krikor Sevag Mekhitarian aka Trade06, International Chess Grandmaster

Poker Video Expert

Data taken on April 12th, 2012

Ivan took me from a low stakes recreational player to full time grinder within the space of 6 months, completely transforming my game in the process.

His coaching methods are simple yet when put into practice are extremely effective. He’s a very approachable guy and easy to talk to, which allows him to get his point accross in a way thats easy for you to understand.

To anyone considering getting coaching look no further, I can’t recommend Ivan highly enough. His knowledge and understanding of the game is exceptional.

BigTunna99, current #1 18-man SNG player in the world

SNG Poker Stats

Data as at 8th March 2012, pure profit before rakeback

Data accurate as at 8th March 2012. Assumes 43% rakeback, but will be much higher if SNE is achieved!



Ivan helped take my game from an 180-man sng grinder to a full-time 9 and 18man regular in just over a span of 5 months.  Being a low – midstakes full-time player moving up to the highstakes games in such a short period of time his coaching is definitely the best out there.

Being taught from one of the best in game and joining multiple SNG instructing websites in my past, I believe that professionalpokervideos will almost indefinite turn any beginner/novice or even recreational player out there into a well rounded elite.

Poker Graph-Sooo Tilted

Data taken on 27th March 2012

My name is Jaimie Heffernan (Heffman69) and I am coached by Supernova Elite ILS007. I am a 30 years old and played poker for over 7 years, 4 of which I was a poker dealer in my local club, so needless to say I DO LOVE the game of poker.

In those 7 years of playing both live and online poker, I would have considered myself quite a knowledgeable poker player. This was until I got introduced to ILS007 who was coaching my good friend Kingwhite55 and he agreed to coach both of us. I remember saying to ILS007 one of the first times we spoke about coaching ”I’m quite happy with my game tbh but I am always up for learning something new” very naïve may I add on my behalf, as over the next few weeks/months ILS007 opened my eyes to so many different factors/skills of the game I had been lacking, let’s just say I didn’t realise how much a NIT I was lol.

Being a student of Ivan’s over the last 7 months has been priceless for me and by far my best time in poker yet, as my mind has been opened up to so many different avenues to the game of Poker we all love. To witness step by step ILS007 on his OUTSTANDING SNE CHASE on Pokerstars in just 4  months was by far the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen since starting poker (i think I speak for both myself and Kingwhite55 that when Ivan mentioned to us after he played the UKIPT Edinburgh he was going for the SNE chase- to say in Glasgow terms ”we thought he had done his nut”) and the great attitude Ivan showed through the chase especially on the downswings and still being the young man that he is:) was an eye opener for me and I can certainly say that Ivan applies the same attitude and effort towards his student. My game and confidence has improved 100% in the last 7 months and I love the fact I am still LEARNING every week.

I have dealt thousands of hands over the years and seen many things at the poker tables while playing live and online, but I have learnt more in the last 7 months from ILS007 than I could teach myself in 7 years and for this I will be forever grateful:)
-Jaimie “Heffman69”

Data taken on March 19th 2012

Ivan has certainly provided an outstanding strategic influence on my game as a whole.  Not only in terms of playing decisions, but in the sense of a grinding mindset too. His insights and experience in the online poker world are invaluable.  He always has an answer to any question asked, and is both patient and flexible as a coach.


Data taken on March 19th 2012

Hey, my nickname is Akker, I’m from Hungary. I play poker since 2006.

When I first started to grind poker tables to make some extra cash I developed/learned from my brother a good strategy and the most of the players were really fishy so it was EZ to make nice profit.

A few years later I realized that my gameplan isn’t that good anymore, the poker world changed and I didn’t change with it. I started to win less and my bankroll management was suck (so I ran out of cash several times).
I had to realize I need a coach.

I think I found one of the best 🙂

I really like to work with him, he always have time for me, he always have an answer to my questions, he have an open mind when I have some doubts, he has really good advices and good metafors 😀 Plus he showed me there is no impossible in poker, if you work hard enough!(his 4month long SNE run) so I decided to hit SN in this year, it would be a big step for me 🙂

My accomplishments in the last 7 months with Ivan’s help:
+I have a better understanding of the game than eveeer.
+I have a great game plan.
+I have a good bankroll management now.
+I started to think in just longterm, so I feel like I make money in every single SNG, even when I lose 🙂
+I can deal with variance now, downswing-upswings happens.
+I made some nice profit in SNGs (and in MTTs too).
Thanks for these!!

If you choose him as your coach, I think you are in good hands!


Beating SNGs

Data taken on March 19th 2012

I can vouch for Ivan’s abilities and attitude. A tremendous player and he comes across as one of the good guys.


Hi guys,

I thought I would post a review on the course, which I have spent the last few days studying.

It is important to set out a little about Ivan’s credibility and volume – this is critical when deciding to instruct a coach. Simply, he has the qualifications – you can see by his graph that he has played a large volume, with success, and thus is more than qualified to write this course. Good, that’s out of the way.

As for me, I am an “above average” player, but not shattering any records. I have played for about 3 years online, and was running at around 4% on FT, on the $11 and $6.5 mans, over about 3,300 tournies. Again, very small sample and not an amazing ROI, but I think I have enough understanding of the game (at the low stakes) to be able to sensibly review a beginners course and I have read many, many books, am a member of DTB and Cardrunners, have reviewed lots of videos etc etc, yada yada. Having lost my roll when FT when bust, I started grinding $1.50s 9 man turbos on PS and am about 8% over 1000 tournies – again, a pathetically small and statistically irrelevant sample size, but I can only comment on the volume I have played.

I understand from Ivan that this is likely to be a 3 stage course, a “beginner”, “advanced” and “elite” course. The advanced and elite courses are in production and will be available to purchase separately in due course.

So, what can you expect for your money?


The idea behind the course, is that you download a series of videos from the website, each around 10-15 minutes in length. This may sound short – but this is more than sufficient as Ivan doesn’t waste time saying “hello” etc he immediately gets into critical concepts – which are split into two “sets” of videos. The first video explains the concepts and the second video runs through hand examples, and challenges you to see if you can apply the concepts presented in the previous video. I like this.

The course lessons are as follows:

Part One
The Early Game Pre-Flop Part I – Theory
The Early Game Pre-Flop Part II – Theory
The Early Game Pre-Flop – Exercises and Examples

The Early Game Post-Flop – Theory
The Early Game Post-Flop – Exercises and Examples

Part Two
The Middlegame – Theory
The Middlegame – Exercises and Examples

Part Three
The Bubble – Theory
The Bubble – Exercises and Examples

Heads-Up – Theory
Heads-Up – Exercises and Examples

Part Four
Introduction to Variance
Away from the Tables

Bonus Section
Fundamental Probabilities

The videos deal primarily with 6/9/18 man SNGs, but I found there to be more of a focus on 9 mans. This, actually, for the purposes of this course, isn’t a problem, because the concepts discussed are generally applicable to all of these forms of SNGs. This is a beginner course, and the more detailed discussion on how to adjust depending on the format isn’t necessary.

I really should stress how clear Ivan’s teaching style is – it really is to the point and easy to understand. It is critical that you take notes as you go along, or you WILL NOT get the most out of the course. He covers A LOT of stuff per video.

Who should buy this course?

I think there is a huge amount of content here for those who are losing and break even players – beginning players will learn a tonne from this – seriously, and you will see a drastic improvement to your game. If you just can’t seem to beat even the lowest stakes, then this course is for you.

And one of the CRITICAL aspects of this course – and this is massively important – is the forum which you gain access too. Here, you can post hand histories, and Ivan himself will review them and discuss them with you. I have been following how often he logs onto the forum over the last couple of weeks, to see if his “forum coaching” claim is justified – and – it is. He genuinely responds to his members’ queries – and that is worth far more than the price of the course, because he is very skilled in the game and knows what he is talking about. Even plugging one leak can drastically increase your ROI, and this is a service he offers.

If you are serious about improving – then this is excellent.

Who should not buy this course?

If you are an above average player and have studied the usual books, Moshman, Shaw, Harrington, Kill Everyone, Mathematics of Poker (list goes on…) know what ICM is and how it applies and its limitations, if you understand Nash and why this is unexploitable but not always the most profitable, when to 3 bet, understand equity, understand villain ranges etc, levelling etc, then this course may probably seem slightly basic for you – these concepts are also not really discussed – my advice is to wait for the advanced course which should be out in the next few months.


This is a well written course and will be of huge benefit to many, many players. Ivan responds to emails quickly and intelligently, and, as mentioned above, the coaching he provides via the forum is invaluable – and if you are serious about improving – this will do your game wonders. If you are never really certain what hands to raise in what position, when do you set mine, when can you call with speculative hands – what considerations are there when calling with speculative hands, if you don’t know what to shove on the bubble from what position and how stacks sizes can influence this decision etc – then buy this course – you won’t regret it – if you take notes (again take notes – you are serious about improving, aren’t you?), you will become a far, far better player and this course will plug A TON of leaks that loads of beginner players have.

Well done to Ivan for developing an excellent and useful course.

Good luck at the tables.


Hey Peeps,

I wanted to say that I am a member and I can say the vids are solid and the forum is very helpful. Ivan takes his time to contact you and answer questions even tho he is probably very busy. Worth the money and then some. Cheers and thanks.


Ivan is a very good coach and he always take time to anwser your questions.

Really worth the money.


Just finished a 6h class with ILS and it was f*** awesome. His didatics and understanding of the game are outstanding.


Just had the 6max hyper class with Ivan was very impressed with his teaching. He’s articulate, knowledgeable, and willing to answer any question, even if it might lead to future awkward spots for him. While it’s not directly related to the material on offer here, I am confident he’s put in effort to make an outstanding product.


I wrapped up a project with Ivan last night, a two lesson hyper-turbo class. It was a great experience working with him, he was extremely professional throughout the production. He clearly is a master of advanced sng theory and talks with the wisdom of Yoda and the voice of Desomond from Lost. I am confident anything he produces will be n depth and brilliant.


I was lucky enough to attend the hyper-turbo class that Ivan was a part of last weekend and I must say that his knowledge of the game is exceptional. But that’s not even the best part. He can explain complex ideas/thought processes with extreme clairity that allows you to follow along and really learn as opposed to just trying to remember a certain play. Very easy guy to listen to. I would highly recommend Ivan and can assume any project that he is involved in will be 100% worth your investment.


im doing several coaches session with Ivan an I can say he have outstanding skills, some people play realy good poker, but teaching is another form of art to masterize and Ivan knows how to see your leaks and fix that in your mind. His view of the game is very enlighting and im glad did the sessions.


Great coaching sessions, Ivan has excelent didacts and a very nice insight of the game. Definitely worth more than I paid for.