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ICMIZER is the most profit-generating piece of poker software for SNG players –  I can absolutely say this software has helped me generate well into six-figures worth of profit. If you don’t have ICMIZER, you really are throwing away enormous amounts of equity (don’t do that!). Here’s why:

  • ICMIZER is the most accurate and sophisticated ICM Calculator EVER created – by a long way! You can input any custom range of hands you like, which is the biggest breakthrough surpassing SNGWiz which used standard Sklansky ranges. These are often way different to the ranges players are applying in-game.
  • ICMIZER is quick and intuitive – you can create custom range that can be inputted automatically in the future, saving lots of time.
  • ICMIZER lets you save your analysis – allowing you to create a great reference guide for study and revision of analysis.
  • ICMIZER calculates situations more accurately than any other ICM calculator. It also offers the use of an alternate model to the standard ICM model, for comparison and alternative analysis.

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SimplePoker – a comprehensive set of cutting-edge poker solver tools for preflop and postflop poker solutions, used by professional poker players up to the highest stakes.