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Crushing 6-Max Hyper SNGs - Difference Between BI's

Postby iceman » Fri Jun 06, 2014 4:43 pm

Hi Ivan,

As you know I've got the 1.50 series, which I've watched and studied immensely. I've seen a drastic improvement in my game since.

Is there a big difference between the 1.50s and the 3.50s? I can imagine there being a lot more regs at the 3.50s and therefore more post flop play and decisions. So without giving away to much info, what else do you cover in the 3.50 series that you don't in the 1.50?

I'm thinking about purchasing it, that's why I'm curious. :) That being said, the plan is to continue playing the 1.50s for the time being and build my BR a little more before moving up. The next series will obviously help me do that as well as helping me be more prepared when I do.


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Re: Crushing 6-Max Hyper SNGs - Difference Between BI's

Postby ILS007 » Sat Jun 07, 2014 9:20 pm

Hi John,

There is a reasonable difference between the $1.50s and the $3.50s. The $1.50 games are entry level and therefore a significant portion of the player pool tends to be recreational players and/or players new to this game format. On $3.50s, whilst there are still plenty of these types of players, there are also a larger number of 'regular' players, who have a good grasp of the format, and may even grind large volume on these games semi-professionally. Once you move up to the $3.50s you will also be preparing yourself for the $7 games, which is a larger jump again.

In terms of subject matter, the $3.50 series differs from the $1.50 series in that we start covering more specific aspects of the game in greater detail. Instead of showing generally how to go about figuring out a spot, and fixing glaring leaks, we also look at how to take the thought process a step further and create more sophisticated strategies. For example, we can utilise software such as ICMIZER to come up with more specific and accurate calculations for spots.

The $7 series then follows on from the $3.50 series in taking the level of complexity a step further. We go into further detail about balance and exploitative play, mixed strategies, defence frequencies and other such advanced concepts. I am a believer that in order to get the most out of each series, the material covered in the previous series must be understood well by the student, either with prior knowledge, or prior studying of that series. Together they are building blocks towards a theoretically robust, and deep understanding of these games.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Crushing 6-Max Hyper SNGs - Difference Between BI's

Postby iceman » Sun Jun 08, 2014 3:30 pm

In that case I'm probably going to wait until I can afford both, the 3.50 and the 7.

Cheers, Ivan!
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